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The Secret of Bathmate

bathmateTraditionally, all penis pumps used air for penis enlargement. Though temporary gains were evident, these traditional pumps would result into injury after using them for several weeks. Due to the negative feedback, most people started questioning these pumps, and many people stopped using them. Today, we have a new product which instead of using air; it uses water. The gains are even more appearing with the new water penis pump. Bathmate is the new penis pump in the market. It has numerous size models and it is very easy to use. All you need is to fill it with warm water, insert the penis, then pump out the excess water and leave on for a few minutes.

Bathmate is a very simple penis enlargement pump that can be used by any man. It is a pump that is known to produce excellent results in matter of weeks. The reason why it is considered a world leader is because it helps to keep the penis in prime condition and makes it longer and thicker after regular use. Even though you can use the product in air, maximum results are achieved when used with water. You can use it in the shower or in the bathtub. Using water makes the product safer than the previous traditional pumps. It is also convenient because you can use it while taking a shower or when relaxing in a bathtub.

The big problem with many penis enlargement methods is that they are too complex to use. They either use a lot of time or have some complicated steps that you need to follow to achieve maximum results. The advantage of bathmate is simplicity. Whether using it in a bathtub, in the shower or in air, you can apply the product and pump it in seconds using one hand. There is no complicated external mechanism that is needed, just insert you penis and start pumping. It also has no maintenance fee, only the recommended cleaning after use. To know if you are making any progress, there is a measurement gauge. The gauge will show you how much you have grown overtime.


There have been positive feedbacks from many guys after using the pump. For more bathmate testimonials visit: bathmatebeforeandafter.net. The bathmate is truly the answer to guys looking for a solution about their penis size. However, you need to know that it will not happen overnight. Size increase will take several weeks or months. For starters, it is good to use the device elusively. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully. Keep it away from children and consult your medic if you have any physical penile problem. Do not use the product if you have recently had surgery in the area. You are also recommended not to combine it with other forms of penis enlargement. This is because, if you use several methods, you will not be able gauge your results properly or identify the method that is not working. Proper maintenance of the product will prolong it working life. Therefore ensure you clean it well after using it.