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The Secrets of Body Beast Workout Program

A healthy body is, at times, not enough now. Men, however, want a body they can be proud of in front of their fellow men and, especially, girls. A lean, chiseled, and ripped physique is something to die for. It takes a lot of efforts, time, and money to have an in-shape body; thus, many men give up on a half way of doing their workout. The reason is simply because they do a workout without a proper plan, diet and trainer.

Author and Program

Yes, a personal trainer can give a significant change in every man’s workout. And now, with Body Beast workout program, everyone, men or women, can enjoy doing bodybuilding in a planned way. It is a professional fat burning and bodybuilding program created by Sagi Kalev, a clinical nutritionist, champion bodybuilder, and superstar fitness model, for a 90-day workout with a combination of a well-planned diet, a protein-rich supplement and a list of workout equipment.

Body Beast is designed for everyone who wants a narrow shredded physique, a narrow waist, and muscles in 90 days. The program applies a technique of training called Dynamic Set Training, which is a combination of sets, reps, resistance as well as recovery. The program consists of two sub-programs: a calendar-based workout and eating plan. The emphasis of the program is the addition of definition to the whole physique, which means a focus on gaining weight instead of losing it. The program comes in a package with 12 workouts on 4 DVDs:

  • BLOCK 1. Giant sets, Super sets, and Single sets create definition and strength in the first 30 days.
    4 workouts: Legs, Back & Bis, Chest & Tris, Shoulders
  • BLOCK 2. Multi-sets, Progressive sets, Combo sets, and Force sets develop definition and power.
    5 workouts: Legs, Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulders
  • BLOCK 3. A rotation through the 12 workouts put the finishing on the new physique.
    2 workouts: Beast Cardio, Beast Abs

Pros and Cons

This program has some pros including:

  • A good foundation on weight training.
  • A proven new school, which means using the latest workout science.
  • Works for men and women
  • Eating plan included
  • Good for all ages
  • Permanent results

However, the program also brings a few cons:

  • Workout Equipment required: Bench, Dumbbells, Pull Up Bar
  • Supplement required.
  • A quite long time to see the result

In conclusion, everything Body Beast offers does make sense. With a combination of a planned workout, a good eating plan and protein-rich supplements, this program fulfills all of the needs for effective bodybuilding. In addition, you can get this program packaged with 3 bonus gifts at $19.95. The gifts include an e-book Total Body, a free access to the online program, and a free mobile access. Now, you can feel like you have a personal trainer at a cheaper cost.