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The ProExtender – Another Male Enhancement Product

Having self confidence is something most people want to have in order to increase their self-esteem, whether it’s losing weight or enlarging your penis these are all ways to make you feel more comfortable in your skin. The length of a man’s penis is a dicey topic, especially if they are not comfortable with its current length, but why suffer in silence when you can do something about it courtesy of the Proextender.

This is a traction unit designed to provide painless traction to the penis to help elongate it and increase its thickness to a degree. One part of device is attached to the base of the penis and the other to the head with an adjustable traction apparatus in the middle. When cells are subjected to stress their natural reaction is to multiply, the device uses this phenomenon by exerting stress to the penile cells causing them to multiply and thus elongate.

The Proextender kit
When you purchase the proextender kit you are provided with other additional items to help facilitate penile enlargement other than the device itself. The following the contents of the kit;

· The Proextender traction device.
· An exercise CD that features an exercise program that works in combination with the device to maximize on the results and also offers instructions on how to use the device.
· A 30 day supply VigRX penis enhancement supplements.
· A 30 day supply of a semen volume increaser known as Semenax.

· Can be used to cure Peyronies disease – This is basically a situation whereby the tissues in the penis are unevenly tight resulting in a J or u shaped penis. This disease can deter sexual intercourse completely or make it painful for you and your partner. The proextender has been recommended by doctors as a trial before turning surgery as the last results and has shown positive results in patients.
· It is a discreet option as you can wear it all day without anyone noticing it.
· Comfort – Some extenders are usually painful and uncomfortable to use but the proextender offers comfort as the materials it’s made form are gentle on the skin.
· Durable – To achieve positive and desired results you need to use the extended for a few months depending on the length and girth you desire therefore you need a device that will last for that long.
· Bonus items – The kit comes with bonuses that are useful and convenient.

· Online purchases only – Some people prefer to make purchases over the counter so this comes as an inconvenience.
· Positive results are achieved over a long period of time – All people prefer fast acting devices as wearing the device for long periods of time it not convenient or desirable.
· No supplement choices – Some customers may not desire the supplements offered as bonuses with the kit and may like different ones or none at all.

The proextender definitely one of the best penile enlargement devices in the market right now, providing not only comfort but also visible results. It comes vetted as studies have proven its effectiveness and doctors in 26 countries around the world recommend its use.