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A Comprehensive Sizegenetics Review

Can you use SizeGenetics Extender to gain significant improvements in length? If used properly, there’s no reason why it should not. Among the best reasons for this is SizeGenetics has come out with one of the best penis extenders on male enhancement market.

size genetics


Even though there are quite a number of male enhancement devices on the market, but among the most popular ones are the traction extenders. In fact, penis extenders were marketed and sold through top men’s magazines decades ago. These days you can get them online and at much cheaper rates.

What is SizeGenetics Extender and how does it work?

SizeGenetics is a traction device that’s designed to use continuous traction to enlarge the penis. You’ll have to wear the device for at least 4 hours a day, but for best results it should be worn for 8-10 hours a day. Basically this device helps in holding the penis in outstretched manner.

With continuous stretching, your penis tissues may tear and heal again resulting in much longer length. Your penis cells will also become somewhat thicker and longer. This continuous tension will stretch the ligaments that connect penis to the pubic bone. Once these ligaments are sufficiently stretches, more of your inner penis may reveal itself. Its flaccid length may also increase as well. Read more about how does it work here: http://sizegenetics-review.net/

So what are the benefits of SizeGenetics?

The device crafted by SizeGenetics is not a low quality, run of the mill unit. In fact, a great deal of serious though went into this product’s design. The material used for making this traction device is also of very high quality so this device will last for a very long time. Once you look at the product, you’ll never say that the manufacture has cut any corners.

Soft plastic rubber pad without any nooses

SizeGeneticsOne area where most of these traction devices really stand out is long term comfort. Putting your penis into a device like this is not exactly going to be automatically enjoyable. The outstretching of the penis may surely cause some discomfort and soreness. However, with a wrong traction device this discomfort will be even more severe. SizeGenetics has been built in such a way that it ensures maximum comfort.

SizeGenetics is equipped with soft plastic strap that holds your penis gently without pinching or slippage. It maintains a consistent amount of tension in your penis, and there’s no need to adjust it until you take it off.

The actual traction generated by SizeGenetics is more than enough to delivery fast results. This is important because weak traction will not deliver what is required to achieve quick cellular division or required amount of ligament stretching.

As long as the device is used in a correct manner, there’s no reason for worrying about any soreness or injury. Durability is another big plus with SizeGenetics. You won’t like to invest in a device that quickly loses tension, or worse, starts to fall apart within weeks.

Other low quality traction devices on the market will definitely show such problems and flaws. But SizeGenetics is not a low quality traction device. As such, durability it presents is certainly top notch.

• Recommended By Doctors
• 16+ Years On The Market
• Extremely durable and well made traction device.
• Reasonable price
• High comfort level


• Is available via the mail
• Individual results can vary


If you’re really serious about increasing your penis size, then you need a device that’s capable of delivering solid results. Avoid all the cheap models and pretenders on the market. Go with high quality and comfort. Buy a SizeGentics traction unit!